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The Company ECOINVEST CONSULTING LIMITED, established on 14/08/2006, with registered office in London 30 Arminger Road, W12 7BB (UK), Companies House n. 05904536; FCA – Financial Services Register n. 764845 SWIFT / BIC: ECCNGB21:
1. ECOINVEST CONSULTING LIMITED operates with prudence, within the permitted limits of its capital capabilities, regularly respects its commitments and complies with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom,  see the “Good Standing” certificate;

2. The FCA Registered ECOINVEST CONSULTING LIMITED, in the Financial Services Register with reference number: 764845 with effect on 24/11/2016; 

3. The SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, has registered ECOINVEST CONSULTNG LIMITED, with the BIC code ECCNGB21 on 26/01/2018.

Managers and collaborators,  have gained extensive experience in the assessment and management of financial risks.

All proposed operations are evaluated in environments that are appropriate to the privacy regulations and equipped with the latest technologies.

The prudence and diligence of our managers allows us to prepare financial services tailored to the client’s needs ” TAILOR MADE”.


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Insurance for travelers

We can give serenity to your travels. With you at every moment. Our insurance services to protect the most precious moments.

Good News For Foreign Investment

September 29, 2018, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce has jointly issued the Circular on Expanding the Applicable Scope of the Policy of Temporarily Not Levying the Withholding Tax on Distributed Profits Used by Overseas Investors for Direct Investment (Hereinafter referred to as No.102 Circular). According to No.102 Circular, the policy under which profits received by an overseas investor from a resident enterprise in China will temporarily not be subject to the withholding tax, if such profits are used for direct investment in China, they will be applicable to a larger extent, covering not only the encouraged category of foreign-invested projects but also all projects and fields from which foreign investments are not banned.


Financial Insurances

Bonds and Guarantees
In cases in which, for obligations deriving from the law or by contract, a subject is required to lodge a security guaranteeing the fulfillment of the obligations assumed, it may resort to a cautionary policy in favor of the creditor of the obligation.

Uses a tool accepted by all the Public and Private Beneficiaries that, at low cost, allows you not to immobilize money, securities or other real guarantee; it does not saturate with bank signing commitments, leaving them, especially for companies, available for the normal financial needs of the production cycle.

Selection of Insurers

At the national level:
Tenders, good executions, considered as collateral;
Urbanization charges- subdivisions;
Deferred payment of inheritance taxes, credit I.V.A .;
Regional, National, EEC (non-repayable) contributions;
Customs Bonds, Excise Bonds;
Judicial Guarantees;
Registration in the register of disposers, Policies in favor of the Ministry of the Environment, quarrying; various utilities;
Contracts between individuals;
Guarantees pursuant.

Contracts abroad:
Bid bonds;
Performance bonds;
Maintenance bonds;
Money retainance bonds;
Advanced payment bonds.

Letter of credit confirmation insurance

Export Risk Insurance

With Letter of credit confirmation insurance, a bank can confirm a foreign financial institution’s letter of credit in cases where it would have been unwilling to assume this risk without BIRDIE’s insurance.

It thus covers payment default due to political, transfer, force majeure or del credere risks. In this context, BIRDIE defines a (del credere) risk as the insolvency of the bank issuing the letter of credit or the improper non-payment of the debt from the letter of credit.

BIRDIE waives its right vis-à-vis the confirming bank to modify the cover due to increased risk during the term of the letter of credit.

· Maximum cover ratio: 95%

Product Details

The insurance also covers the exporter’s payment claim under the letter of credit, against the financial institution opening the letter of credit and acquired through legally valid assignment, if the financial institution confirming the letter of credit has silently confirmed the letter of credit in the exporter’s favour. BIRDIE sets limits for the foreign financial institutions that most frequently open letters of credit. Therefore, BIRDIE can usually make a suitable insurance commitment within 24 hours.
BIRDIE waives coverage intervention rights vis-à-vis the confirming financial institution due to increased risks during the term of the letter of credit.


Object of cover

Letter of credit confirmation insurance covers the following claims arising from a letter of credit contract:

· fulfilment of the principal claims arising from the letter of credit transaction via-à-vis the financial institution opening the letter of credit;

· ancillary financing costs (including the BIRDIE premium);

· interest receivable until the due date;

· default interest during the waiting period;

· prepayment penalty (“breakage costs”, costs incurred on the early repayment of a loan).

Claims for damages, contract penalties, compound interest and currency losses are excluded from the insurance.


Period of insurance

The insurance begins on the confirmation of the letter of credit on behalf of the financial institution opening the letter of credit or when silent confirmation is given in favour of the exporter. It ends with the settlement of the insured claim.

Special provisions

Letter of credit confirmation insurance can also be taken out in connection with working capital insurance.



Premium Composition 

While BIRDIE does not charge minimum premiums, it does charge risk-based premiums and expense premiums. You can use the premium calcolator to calculate estimated premiums for actual or hypothetical export transactions.

BIRDIE has to comply with the OECD Export Credit Arrangement when insuring export credits with a credit period of 23 months or more. Detailed premium information is available in the premiun tariff. 


Insurance Premium

An insurance premium is charged in exchange for taking on the insured risk. It consists of a premium for the political risk (country risk) and a premium for the commercial risk (del credere risk).


The insurance premium amount depends on the following risk factors:

Basis for calculation (depends on product: loan amount, prime costs, etc.)

· Risk period;

· Cover ratio;

· Country risk category;

· Type (public or private) and creditworthiness of the foreign debtor or guarantor;

· Collateral (reduces premiums).


Expense premiums

Expense premiums are not charged for standard transactions.

BIRDIE will charge expense premiums of EUR 200 per hour for additional review work. This is often the case with complex transactions, project financing or transactions involving increased environmental risk. Applicants are told of possible expense premiums in advance. Expense premiums are charged for insurance policies and for insurance commitments in principle. They are non-refundable. Costs for third-party BIRDIE ices (legal opinions, environmental impact assessments etc.) are charged separately.



Insurance premiums for counter guarantees and working capital insurance are based on the exporter’s performance rating.
Insurance premiums for export credit insurance for larger transactions to countries in Country Risk Category 0, high-income OECD member countries and euro zone countries are based on current market prices.


· Products for exporters

· Products for service providers

· Products for financial institutions

· Financing options

· Imminent loss and claim

· Requirements for acceptance of the insurance.

Our Best Rate for the Insurance Services

Health Insurance for Travels & Visa

  • Delivery in 2 hours
  • Sending in a few minutes after payment
  • In accordance with European directives
  • Financial existence up to € 3,905.00
  • Financial assistance in case of need
  • Cover for 90 days
  • Certified validity 12 months
  • Schengen area coverage

Economics Guarantees for Visas

  • Delivery in 2 hours
  • Sending in a few minutes after payment
  • In accordance with European directives
  • Financial existence up to € 30,000.00
  • Financial assistance in case of need
  • Cover for 90 days
  • Certified validity 12 months
  • Schengen area coverage

Health & Economics Insurance

  • Delivery in 2 hours
  • Sending in a few minutes after payment
  • In accordance with European directives
  • Financial existence up to € 3,905.00
  • Financial existence up to € 30,000.00
  • Financial assistance in case of need
  • Cover for 90 days
  • Certified validity 12 months
  • Schengen area coverage

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